Is Beyonce Pregnant? New Speculation Surfaces After Recent Photos Go Viral

Fans are speculating that Beyonce is pregnant and new photos are reinforcing those rumors. Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted on a family outing in the Hamptons with their boy and girl twins Sir and Rumi and many people think that Beyonce looks pregnant in her photos. This is combined with recent photos shared to Beyonce’s official Instagram account where the 21-Grammy winning mother of three was seen glowing in gingham with a strategically placed purse over her belly. Fans are convinced the purse was covering a baby bump. At this point, neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z Carter have addressed the rumors or stated whether they are or aren’t expecting their fourth child.

Splash News captured video of Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rumi and Sir while the family was full of smiles while they enjoyed their family-bonding time. Spotted in the photo was a bag of Lays potato chips, that got even more fans talking and suspecting that Beyonce was pregnant and craving potato chips.

Beyonce looked gorgeous wearing leopard print and while fans are commenting about her possible baby bump. they are also remarking on how gorgeous The Lion King star looks.

You may see photos of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rumi, and Sir at their Hamptons’ get-away below.

Beyonce shared three photos of herself surrounded by lilacs and wearing a beautiful, lilac-colored Constantina silk dress from Altuzarra. The color purple permeated the photos and Beyonce chose not to add a caption. Though she covered her belly in the side pics, she did take one facing front and many have left comments on the viral picture suggesting that Beyonce is in fact pregnant.

You may see the photos below.

Beyonce’s lilac-colored photos went viral and have more than 6 million views combined. In the first photo, you can see as Beyonce is strategically holding her purse over her belly.


In the second photo, Beyonce poses with her hand on her hip and her stomach is in full view. Many people have stated that they are certain Beyonce is pregnant based upon her stomach in the second photos. What do you think? Do you believe Beyonce is pregnant with her fourth child?

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