Michelle Obama drops shocking confession in children rant – ‘They take all the oxygen’

The former FLOTUS claimed children “take all the oxygen” before adding that this was why babies were so cute. The 55-year-old is married to ex-US President Barack Obama and has two children with him. But in her book ‘Becoming’ she wrote about her experiences of children.

She said: “Marriage is all nice and cute but then kids show up and they take up all the oxygen in the land.

“That’s why they make the babies cute because you would leave them at the post office.”

She added: “”My husband is my teammate and if we are going to win this game together, he has to be strong and he has to be ok with me being strong.”

The couple’s children are called Sasha and Malia.

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The four lived in the White House for eight years during Barack’s term in office.

But speaking as part of the upcoming edition of British Vogue, Michelle offered an insight into how Sasha and Malia are and where during that period.

She said: “Malia and Sasha couldn’t be more different.

“One shares her innermost feelings, the other is content to let you figure it out.

“Neither approach is better or worse, because they’ve both grown into smart, compassionate and independent young women, fully capable of paving their own paths.”

Maria celebrated her 21st birthday on July 4.

Sister Sasha also partied for another massive milestone when she turned 18 in June.

Barack’s term in office concluded when current US President Donald Trump prevailed over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton three years ago.

source: express.co.uk