Jenelle Evans Gushes Over Husband David Eason Making Knives But Social Media Is Fuming

David Eason has a new business that he is very passionate about and his wife, Jenelle Evans could not be more proud of him. However, the same cannot be said about fans on social media who haven’t forgotten that the controversial man killed their dog!

In fact, the man’s new occupation makes them pretty nervous knowing David has issues controlling his anger.

He’s made his love for firearms well known before and now, he is making knives?

People seem to think this is a recipe for disaster!

As it seems, Eason is planning on making good money selling his home-made knives on Etsy and his wife is excited for him judging by her new post.

The former Teen Mom star took to her Facebook account to share a few pictures that featured the knife-making process and captioned the post with: ‘So proud of my babe! 🥰 Something he has been dying to do for a very long time. It takes a lot of strength and patience for this type of skill, but also it’s super sexy to watch. 👌🏼😂 Love you babe and here’s to you finding something you truly love to do! 💓🥳 David.’

In the comment section, David promoted his YouTube account as well as announced he would be selling his knives on Etsy, before also thanking Jenelle for her undying support.

On the other hand, fans were outraged.

Here are a few of their comments: ‘Great exactly what the world needs…swamp thing making homemade weapons. who will you experiment on first with them?!’ / ‘This is the worst effin’ idea ever. You should be NOWHERE near weapons. They look like s**t anyway. Money tight now that you both have zero income? Get a real job.’ / ‘I love how he thinks everyone just forgot he murdered a 10 pound dog.’ / ‘don’t try and kill a dog with it.’


In the meantime, David has managed to delete pretty much all negative comments.

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