Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Look Happier In New Italy Photos As Wedding Rumors Swirl

No matter what the media says, Kylie Jenner’s fans firmly believe that she is getting married soon to Travis Scott.

Many are adamant that the wedding of the century might be this week during her trip to Italy. The young billionaire is currently in Europe with her entire family, and they are there to celebrate her upcoming 22nd birthday on a multi-millionaire luxury yacht.

Many pictures have surfaced showing the couple looking happy and in love while strolling with their daughter, Stormi Webster.

A source close to the couple told Hollywood Life that the pair would tie the knot sooner than later.

The insider claimed: “Kylie and Travis are closer than ever and have honestly never been stronger and more united. Friends and family feel that a marriage could be nearer than it’s ever been before. The Kardashians fully support whatever it is Kylie wants to do as far as getting married goes. Everyone felt she’d want another baby before tying the knot, but she’s never felt so close to Travis, so she’s opening up more and more to the idea of a wedding sooner than later.”

One person replied: “So that’s the 230 million dollar yacht? Nice. I don’t know all of you…..I think she is getting married. I don’t care what TMZ says. 🤷 Who are there? Everyone says that Kim and Khloe are not there but what about Kendall and Kourtney? From the family, I only see Kris and Scott, and the others are friends. Anyone tell me the names of those on the trip right now?”

This backer shared: “She must be getting married the entire family is there 🙊Poor her goes out of the country to try and get some peace and ppl there bombing her with cameras.”

Another supporter explained: “She really is too good to be true! And she reminds me of Kylie with her cute lil face. I know she’s Kylie’s world. The way she said, “I didn’t start living till I had her.” I believe that to be true. She’s so mature. Way beyond her years. She was born to be a young mom. Time fly’s when you are having the time of your life!! ($pending billions!) Trav is pretty smart, too, and he knows a good thing. Everything is perfect for this young lil family. I hope they withstand the tests of time.❤️❤️❤️”


Kylie knows what she is doing and the buzz keeps fans up at night.

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