Rasheeda Frost’s Fans Criticize Her After She Shares A Birthday Photo To Celebrate One Of Her Pals

Rasheeda Frost celebrated a friend’s birthday and in order to mark the important event, she shared a photo on her social media account. The photo features herself, the birthday lady, and more of their friends.

Check it out below and see why fans are shading Rasheeda for this specific gesture.

‘Just me pointing out the Birthday Girl 😜😜everyone send @spiceofficial some birthday love!!! Happy Birthday, doll 💙💙’ Rasheeda captioned her photo.

People criticized the pic and most of them say that the birthday girl, Spice doesn’t look great in the photo, unlike Rasheeda.

Somoene said: ‘I’ll be so mad if my friend posted my birthday shoutout with me looking like this. I’m sure she has better pics 🤦🏾‍♀️’

Another follower commented: ‘Now why spice ain’t blend that under-eye concealer.’

Somoene commented: ‘Girl every birthday picture you post for someone else they’re always looking crazy and you’re the focal point of the picture… #soannoying.’

One commenter said: ‘@kimklajan right, spice deserves better than this. Or just call her, this is actually really selfish. Gonna post mess 1 min before her birthday ends 🙄’

One other fan also said ‘I Am sure Spice doesn’t like this birthday post…’

Not too long ago, Rasheeda shared a photo featuring herself and Kirk Frost.


They’re wearing some really cool outfits, and while some people bash Rasheeda for taking Kirk back, a lot of fans are gushing over this couple and they’re even calling them ‘an inspirational couple.’

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