Vikings season 6: 'It was challenging’ Lagertha undergoes huge transformation

Vikings fans have had a long break between seasons so far with the latest outing’s release date yet to be confirmed.

With one final season to go, fans are keen to find out what’s next for Lagertha (Played by Katheryn Winnick) after a series of leaked images appeared to show her death.

The preview images of season six showed a burning pyre being pushed into the river wearing Lagertha’s shield.

This led fans to believe she would soon be killed off, and with a brand new image following on the Vikings Reddit page, fans were sent into a frenzy.

However, the Queen of Kattegat won’t be leaving screens too early as Katheryn Winnick recently opened up about a major character development for Lagertha as she is set to become a grandmother.

In conversation with ET Canada, the star was asked “What does retirement look like for a viking?”

Catherine said: “Ooh the is a very good question, umm… well it was a bit challenging because we wanted to age her.

“I actually went through two and a half hours of prosthetics, for every shoot.

“We ended up doing latex on the eyes and the neck to be able to show the progress of age, hey she’s a granny now!”

The star went on to explain what the next chapter will hold for the fan-favourite character.

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Katheryn said: “So, I feel it’s a new chapter of her life.

“She’s trying to now redefine who she is now as a grandmother.

“And somebody that used to be a queen, and a warrior, and now finding new peace in redefining her last chapter really.”

The star spoke out after fans took to Reddit to share a theory about her co-star Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

Reddit user NameIdeas recently posted a huge amount of information about the real vikings on the website, with a large section dedicated to the real Rollo.

The user explained: “The real Rollo never knew Ragnar (a legendary king who may or may not have existed).

“The historical Rollo was born circa 860 AD, a full fifteen years after the Siege of Paris depicted in the show.”

“Rollo’s place of birth is uncertain as to whether he was Norwegian or Dutch.”

“Much of what we know about Rollo comes from the cleric Dudo of Saint-Quentin. Dudo was a historian of Normandy and wrote the Gesta Normannorum.”

Vikings season six is expected to return to History Channel and Amazon Prime Video this year.