Dan Walker: ‘Just not true’ Breakfast star in fiery debate over BBC propaganda

Recently, Dan interviewed Health Secretary Matt Hancock on BBC Breakfast to discuss the current status of health and social care in the UK. Following the interview, Dan thanked the Health Secretary for his time while also insisting that there was still much to cover.b Dan said: “Wish we had more time to look at the detail of the NHS funding package and – as you said – it will be good to get you back when you have those social care plans.

“Many of our viewers are waiting.”

However, quickly after his comment, one Twitter user attacked Dan over his programme’s alleged “propaganda for the current Government”.

The user said: “Your programme and channel are becoming more and more a propaganda channel for the current government.

“Nearly ten years of Tory cuts to all areas of its governance this country is in dire straights.”

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Despite the attack, Dan quickly defended BBC Breakfast while also insisting that the programme had asked pressing questions.

Dan replied to the fan: “Just not true David.

“Asked him where the money came from.

“Asked him about all the funding pledges made by the Prime Minister and how it added up.

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“Told him £1.8billion was way short of the £6billion needed & asked him about the crisis in social care!”

Away from defending his programme, Dan shared his anger as England were recently defeated in the first match of the Ashes.

England were beaten by Australia by 251 runs which quickly announced his anger over the loss.

Dan said: “No-one mention the cricket.

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“I’ve had to turn it off as Nathan Lyon’s face is annoying me too much.”

This followed on from a previous outburst on Twitter from Dan who tweeted his distaste of the matches umpires.

Australian off-spinner Lyon helped his team secure the win by claiming 6-49 at the Edgbaston grounds.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

source: express.co.uk