Avengers Endgame: THIS cast member still hasn’t seen it – ‘It’s three hours long, right?’

The Marvel blockbuster has officially broken Avatar’s record for the highest-grossing film of all time – but Academy Award winner Angela Bassett hasn’t seen it.

Bassett has a very brief cameo, in which she reprises her role as Black Panther’s Ramonda.

Appearing on SiriusXM, she appeared surprised by the news that it had become an all-time record breaker, and joked that the running time is the reason why she hasn’t yet seen the finished product.

“It’s three hours long, right? I haven’t seen it,” she laughed. “It’s gonna be on the plane!”

When the hosts laughed, she added: “Oh my god, carve out three hours? You know?“

Asked if she knows what happens in the movie, she said: “I kind of do, I was there!”

She has relied instead on her kids to fill her in. “They’ve seen it twice,” she explained.

“I’m like, ‘Y’all have fun. I’m just gonna relax and chill at home, thanks. Tell me all about it’.”

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The star went on to say that she has a habit of dozing off during long movies, elaborating: “They [sons] tell me, ‘You always fall asleep in the movies, ma’, then I wake up and I got, like, the general gist of what happened.

“And the bad guys went down and the good guys solved it and it’s all good, right? Okay!”

A Black Panther sequel is confirmed to be in the works, in which we will – hopefully – see Bassett in the MCU once again.

It doesn’t have a release date as of yet, indicating it won’t be part of the upcoming Phase Five of Marvel storytelling.

But for now, Bassett is promoting Otherhood, her new Netflix movie, in which she stars alongside Patricia Arquette and the now-embattled Felicity Huffman.

Huffman filmed the project before being wrapped up in the college admissions scandal, for which she will be sentenced next month.

“I think she’s handling it like a grown-up person. She’s handling it like a grown woman,” Bassett told ET.

“It’s a brave thing and a courageous thing.”

source: express.co.uk