Anneka Rice makes saucy 'underwear' confession amid Strictly 2019 announcement claims

Anneka Rice, 60 – the Welsh actress and broadcaster – made a name for herself during the 80s as a television presenter with her programme Challenge Anneka, but could Strictly Come Dancing 2019 now be on the cards? The BBC radio host recently took to Twitter to put her “hands up” as she responded to a message retweeted by comedian and actress Jenny Eclair, 59. The TV star seemingly confessed that when working from home she tends to not where clothes and strips down to less than her underwear. The saucy admission comes after Jenny retweeted a post from British writer Steve Watson, who asked his 12,500 followers: “Do you work from home? Hands up if today’s uniform has been ‘Underwear’. Don’t be shy.”

Jenny responded: “Hands up.”

In view of her 22,700 followers, Anneka cheekily replied: “Not even all my underwear.”

The comedian then quizzed the radio host a bit further, saying: “Which half came off first? – I kept both bra and pants on – cos I’m a nice girl.”

Anneka didn’t spill any further details on how she likes to dress when working from home but it did not stop some fans agreeing with the pair.

One person said: “Slight only slight embarrassment when neighbour spotted me scooting out of our of kitchen with not much on.”

Another person commented: “Swimming trunks.”

While a third person added: “Who’d wear a bra if they didn’t have to (for public decently) in this weather…or actually ever?”

Elsewhere, the first batch of Strictly Come Dancing celebrity contestants will be announced tonight but it appears the first three famous faces might have already been revealed.

During today’s edition of Good Morning Britain, guest entertainment reporter, Iain Lee, 46, seemingly dropped a massive hint at who will be joining.

It included Anneka, former England football manager Sam Allardyce, 64, and Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing, 30.

Iain said: “They are going to announce the first three people on a show called The One Show,”before claiming: “It’s supposed to be Sam Allardyce, Jamie Laing and Anneka Rice.”

The announcement is set to take place on BBC’s The One Show tonight.

However, this would not be the first time that the presenter could be working alongside reality star Jamie, as the pair both took part in the 2017 series of Celebrity Hunted.

The mother-of-three took time away from the spotlight in order to raise her children – Thomas Allott, 30, Josh Allott, 29, and Sam Gutteridge, 19, – but has since made a return to the industry.

During a recent appearance on The One Show fans were left stunned by the ageless star, as many flocked to the micro-blogging site to compliment Anneka’s youthful appearance.

One person said: “Anneka Rice has not changed much in the past 30 odd years! She still looks the same.”

Another person commented: “#TheOneShow Anneka Rice hasn’t aged a day! I want whatever she’s been taking! She looks smashing for 60! #oneshow”.

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One later this summer.