Tamar Braxton Shares Footage With David Adefeso And Fans Love Seeing Them Together

Tamar Braxton shared a video featuring herself and David Adefeso on a boat and fans cannot get enough of the happy couple. Tamar’s video can be seen below.

‘He took me home to the king 👑’ Tamar captioned her video.

After earlier assuming that Tamar is pregnant, now more people said that David is definitely about to ask Tamar to marry him.

They claimed that he waited for her divorce to be over in order to do this.

Someone said, ‘So happy for the both of you😍😍😍’ and a follower posted: ‘So he took you to Nigeria..nice.’

One other person gushed over Tamar and posted: ‘I am so happy to see you happy. Nothing like being happy and content.’

Somoene else said: ‘There is hope for true love! Just have to be patient and don’t settle!’

A fan wrote: ‘I low key love them together. She looks happier than I’ve ever seen her. (As if I know her lol) Hopefully, this works out for her, as well as David. David seems like a really good catch for her. #FingersCrossed #MayGodContinueToBlessYouGuys #LetThemBeHappy’

One follower brought up Vincent Herbert and said: ‘Vince gotta be sick sick. She never looked this happy. Lol. Shidddddd, I’m happy for her!’

One fan posted: ‘He took her home because he about to marry her he waited till the divorce was final between her and Vince 😘’

Tamar went to Nigeria with David Adefeso and her sister and son, Logan Herbert and she kept fans updated and posted various pics and videos on her social media account.


She told fand that she’s honored to be a part of David’s family.

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source: celebrityinsider.org