ITV This Morning: ‘Get a grip’ Viewers in turmoil as woman marries her dog live on air

This Morning welcomed Elizabeth Hoad on to the show to discuss her love life.

The guest has decided to give up on men completely, prompting Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to wonder what she was looking for.

It turned out Elizabeth wanted to marry her golden retriever, Logan, after failing to meet a man.

As if it wasn’t odd enough, This Morning then held a ceremony for her and her pooch, so they could be blessed.

However, as Elizabeth walked down the aisle in a white dress and matching large fascinator, viewers couldn’t help but find themselves baffled by the whole thing.

One said: “Just catching the end of  #ThisMorning +1 WTF.”

Another added: “You need to get a grip with this s**t marrying dogs on the show ffs do you really think your viewers are deluded  and get in the real world!!”

A third shared: “#ThisMorning…that’s just so stupid.”

“Did a woman really marry her dog on #ThisMorning or was I watching #JerrySpringer,” commented a fourth. 

Alison Hammond conducted the ceremony, as she kept her script full of dog-themed puns. 

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The guest presenter said: “If any person here present has a bone of contention as to why they may not be joined together, I will now paws to let them speak, bark, now or forever hold their peace.”

Alison continued: “Do you, Elizabeth, take Logan to be your very own pedigree chum?”

Elizabeth said yes before planting a kiss on her dog while he licked her face.

Eamonn and Ruth took their seats at the ceremony and seemed a little confused by the whole thing. 

Yesterday on This Morning, Eamonn snapped at a guest as they intruded the set.

He was chatting to Emma Kenny, the ITV show’s resident psychologist, who was on hand to discuss potentially tense relationships with in-laws.

However, while she was talking, Christopher Biggins walked behind her, appearing to have a bit of a snoop.

Eamonn couldn’t help but call out the guest about his move, telling him: “Look at Biggins hogging there.

“Tell him to clear off,” he told a giggly Emma. 

Eamonn went on: “He’s there stalking the corridors… I thought, ‘Who was that strange man in his underwear walking up the corridors there?’”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.