Louise Redknapp: Jamie Redknapp’s ex reveals why she wouldn’t ‘tell-all’ amid ‘tough time

Louise Redknapp, 44, insisted her new music helped her overcome her heartbreak following her divorce from Jamie Redknapp, 45.

The singer returned to the spotlight earlier this year after taking a break from her career.

Following the breakdown of her 19-year marriage to Jamie, she joined the cast of hit musical 9 to 5 and also recorded a new album.

Speaking of her new music, she said: “Music is the first thing I go to when I feel happy and when I feel sad.

“And it got me through a time that was really a tough time in my life.”

Louise went on to say she would “never” do a tell-all about her personal life, adding to the Daily Mail: “If I can bounce around the studio it really lifts my spirits.

“And I can pour my heart out. Because I would never do a tell-all. Music is very personal.”

In Louise’s latest single Lead Me On, she hinted at being led on by somebody who hid their true feelings.

The line read: “I wanna know what makes you feel like you’re allowed to treat me unkindly, is it just for show why are you hiding all of your true feelings, why’d you… lead me on.”

In her single titled Small Talk from her new album, Louise also spoke about being in love with someone but now it’s “awkward”.

The lyrics read: “We used to be in love, we used to be inseparable.

“Now it’s a little awkward… it’s like we’ve never met before. It’s almost like we’re strangers.

“Remember when we had it all, we used to dream big, but now it’s just… small talk.”

Earlier this month, Louise Redknapp spoke of the empowering reason behind her new tattoo which reads “I love you” on her wrist.

Louise said she opted to get the new ink to make her feel “empowered” and to help her with stage fright.

She told The Sun: “I only got it two weeks ago and I love it. It helps me with stage fright and to feel empowered.

“I look down at my wrist every time I get nervous on stage and remember, ‘I’ve got this.’

“It’s given me so much strength already, and didn’t even hurt that much,” she continued.

In the same chat, she addressed her current relationship with Jamie, who she shares son Charley, 14, and Beau, 10, with.

She said: “I have a great relationship with Jamie. We share the kids and it’s all working out.”

source: express.co.uk