Group Activity Ideas

Here are some of our favorite group activity ideas that can help enhance the success of group activities for all ages and situations.

1. Use sound. Specific music and background sounds can bring on calm, harmony, excitement, boldness, whatever your group activity’s needs are. Rock beats induce our inner warrior or desire to be physically active, while light classical and nature’s sounds bring out our ability to be at peace with our surroundings.

2. Ambiance and scent are two of our favorite group activity ideas – whether corporate groups, women’s groups, grandparents, kids. Bright primary colors bring out the group’s desire for action and movement, and natural materials, live plants, and burning beeswax candles change the atmosphere’s ions to more healthful ones bringing on calmness and cooperativeness.

3. Use lots of finished examples when appropriate. For example, when brainstorming kids’ book-making group activity ideas, you may think that showing other published books would cause a copycat effect. But in fact, if you show many finished books at once and quickly point out what you love about them, then surround the activity room’s edges with many books for inspiration, it will ignite the brainstorming area of their minds, and original creativity will flow. A few might use some of the picture books as a jump off point, but it’s a step in the right direction.

4. Many group activities can be enhanced with role models. Appropriate ones can really make groups act differently without even trying. If the TV is on in the background and it depicts a group harmoniously cooperating in a similar group activity, such as woodworking or making a craft, it will have a positive effect. Live role models are even better. For example, if your teen oil painting group is going to paint outdoors, invite a few actual artists to set up their easels nearby.