TV Scoop Awards 2019: Vote In the Acting Categories Now

Time to honor some incredible performances. 

As the TV Scoop Awards continue, we’re launching a record four polls at once today, all in the name of honoring the actors who portray our favorite characters: Best Performance, Best Ensemble, Best Breakout Star, and Best Guest Star. 

Best Performance can go to any actor on any eligible show, while Best Ensemble will honor the entire cast of a show. Best Breakout Star is for the actor who really broke out of the blue this year, and Best Guest Star goes to any actor who really made an impact in even the shortest amount of time on a show. 

Friday, we also launched the Best Fandom and Cast on Social, and on Saturday, we launched the Best Comedy and Best Drama. 

Be sure to follow @eonlineTV on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a single poll! 

As always, you can vote as many times as you want, and you’ve got almost two weeks to get it done. 

All polls will remain open until Friday, August 2.
Have fun, friends, and we’ll see you tomorrow.