Daily horoscope for July 20: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast today

The Moon is in the sign of Pisces and the sun is in the sign of Cancer. There is consequently a balance of cosmic energy, which is capable of influencing the way we love. Love that is pure and simple is the kind of romantic energy that we all need at this time of closure. The sun ends its month-long transit of Cancer on Sunday.

Monday we have a new solar season to begin with the Fire sign of Leo.

Mercury retrograde re-entered the sign of Cancer yesterday, and today the blend of a Mercury-Sun energy might make us reflect on words spoken in the past.

The Pisces moon can create a desire to connect, and to be loving and sensual.

However there is also a desire to escape the pain of life and do something that makes you feel alive.

Venus is in the sign of Cancer and direct all year.

This gives all zodiac signs the ability to be forward thinking in terms of romance.

Venus, the planet of beauty, harmonises with the ruler of Pisces and Neptune.

Lovers can become easily distracted and get lost in each other’s romantic energy.

Saturday is an ideal opportunity to make a lasting commitment.

This is because Venus is in Cancer in conjunction with the Sun.

And this is practicality in the home opposes Saturn in Capricorn, giving faithfulness an energetic boost.

For those who are uncertain about their relationship or if their heart is trusting the right person, today’s Pluto-Venus opposition can increase the chances of painful romantic discoveries.

Mercury retrograde with Venus in Cancer makes simple acts of appreciation, especially meaningful and sentimental.

Do not let a friend or colleague’s unexpected ghosting scare you.

With the Moon in Pisces in an awkward position with Venus today, capricious people can act a bit fickle for a short time.

Everyone may need a little time to themselves for contemplation today.

This is due to Venus in a biquintile aspect with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

source: express.co.uk