1. The most expensive video game of all time, still to this day, is Rockstar North’s 2013 version of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s estimated the game cost close to $140 million to make, with a further $130 million give or take spent on marketing. The mammoth outlay paid off however, with Rockstar said to have amassed over $1 billion in profit by day 3 of the game’s release.
  2. The man who created games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto, is valued that highly by Nintendo that he is not allowed to bike to work as they value his safety too much.
  3. Bingo, still one of the world’s best loved games, is known by different names in different countries. Housie, Bingo and Beano are its most popular names, with the latter being the reason for the use of the word bingo, as a player mistakenly shouted bingo instead of beano.
  4. The game bingo has been of huge benefit to people around the globe as it has led to thousands of jobs being created. Especially in app development, with the emergence of apps such as mFortune Bingo that require teams working on them.
  5. Another form of gaming involves casinos, with most casino gamers seeing Las Vegas as the Mecca of gambling. However, this is no longer strictly true, with Macau in China outdoing Vegas. Macau plays home to the world’s largest casino venue in the Venetian Macao.
  6. Roulette is one of the most popular games played in the casino world, be it online, at a land-based venue or on mobile. One thing which often goes unnoticed is that the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666, with a man named Blaise Pascal the person behind the invention.
  7. Konami, the creators of many fantastic video games over the years, had a novel way to deal with piracy. In the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, if it was detected that the code of the game being played wasn’t authentic, the damage the player could dish out was reduced. The damage they take was then doubled, while Shredder was made immortal.
  8. When gamers play games, they do so with the intention of winning. While this may be difficult to achieve with a lot of games out there, it’s reported that 96% of bingo players have won at one time or another while playing. For the most part, this is down to there being many ways to win, which is especially the case in both online and mobile versions of the game.
  9. Who doesn’t love a sandwich, right? Well, gaming, and more specifically card gaming, was responsible for the creation of the sandwich. This was after John Montagu “the fourth Earl of Sandwich” requested meat between two slices of bread during a card session.
  10. Pac-Man, the all-time classic game which made it from arcade to console and then to mobile, was a game designed to be played indefinitely. The creators didn’t know the ending as they never made one, however, Billy Mitchell managed to complete the game due to the storage running out.


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