Hand luggage: Virgin Atlantic cabin baggage rules explained – there’s one key criteria

Virgin Atlantic flights from the UK to long-haul destinations are particular popular with Britons seeking a sunshine getaway. Those who purchase tickets for the firm will be entitled to both hand luggage, and baggage in the plane hold, depending on what class of travel they plump for. Both adults and children are entitled to take separate baggage into the cabin, making the satiation a little easier for families. Yet what is the one stipulation all cabin baggage must adhere to?

Virgin states hand baggage is entitled under all tickets, so long as it follows a simple, single guideline.

This is: “You must be able to place your hand baggage in the overhead bins unaided.”

Therefore the bag size must both fit the overhead space size and be manageable enough to put up there in the first place.

The Virgin website offers confused customers guidelines on what they can take, following this one key guideline.

It states: “Hand baggage is included as part of all of our tickets, and depending on the cabin you might be able to take more than just the one bag.

“Whichever cabin you’re in, the size of your bag needs to be a maximum of 23 x 36 x 56cm (that’s around 9 x 14 x 22 inches).”

Children are also afforded their own luggage, which may help them more easily pass the time on board.

The guidelines state: “Babies and toddlers aged 0-23 months are entitled to one bag each weighing up to 6kg (or 13lb).

“Any children aged two or more years are entitled to the same amount of hand baggage as an adult in the cabin allowances shown above.

“When travelling with infants or children you can bring a fully collapsible pushchair and car seat, in addition to the free check in allowance.”

Meanwhile, in luggage news sure to delight travellers, those flying with the airline can also bring a small handbag or purse for no extra charge. What’s more, for those booking into First Class, they can enjoy extra treats as well as the extra baggage.

Virgin Atlantic claims it is the first airline to introduce an on-board bar, The Loft, with a James Bond vibe.

Mark Anderson, an executive vice president at Virgin Atlantic, told the Press Association: “We know the bars work very well. We know people love to socialise but we also know we can only get three or four people around the bar.

“We wanted to do something that brought more people into the party – a more flexible space.

“You can have it for a meeting, you can watch a movie, you can have your dinner.”

source: express.co.uk