The cult-annual All-Clad ‘damaged packaging’ cookware sale is on – CNET

Clay bowls with vegetarian hot carrot tomato pea potato soup, served with fresh coriander, pretzels bread and tomatoes on textile napkin over old wooden plank table. Rustic style dinner

Use your All-Clad to cook up a rustic storm.


If you know cooking, you know All-Clad: one of the most revered, high-quality kitchen and cookware brands on the globe, used in Michelin-rated kitchens and by home cooks alike. But it ain’t cheap…

If this gorgeous American-made stainless steel cookware is normally just a smidge out of your price point — as it is mine, sadly — this may be a chance to snag a few pieces at hugely marked down prices. Right now All-Clad is selling off some of its all-time most popular kitchen cookware products like frying pans, roasting pans, elegant steak knives and more at up to 80% off.

What’s the catch? These are all in perfect condition save for just a little “packaging damage.” But the damaged package products are limited so we’d suggest moving on this fast. Here are a few of our top picks from the limited-run All-Clad cookware flash sale.

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A high-quality 10-piece cookware set with all you need to get started in the kitchen at a mere fraction of its suggested retail price.


Breakfast will never be the same when you introduce this high-quality stainless steel griddle pan into the mix.


This chef’s pan is great for stir-frying large quantities of vegetables and meats. With its high walls and lid, it’s great for easy steaming.


Think how stunning your famous lasagna will look encased in this shining stainless steel vessel. The perfect dish to transport to dinner parties, pot lucks, or holiday happenings. Marked down over $100 for a very limited time.


A true heavy hitter, this is one of the better discounts of one of the best cookware sets that you’ll find on the market. A perfect wedding gift or splurge replacement for your chipped and worn out pots and pans, this set has everything you need to pull off just about any recipe in whatever cookbook you’re obsessing over this month.

This article was originally written by David Watsky.