Kimi Raikkonen reveals big F1 issue he disagrees with Lewis Hamilton over

A number of drivers including Lewis Hamilton believe changes should be made for the 2021 season to increase the sport’s physicality.

Others such as Roman Grosjean have previously said driving now is far easier than not was in the past.

However, Raikkonen has moved to dispute their claims and believes looking at the sport through the prism of the past is a dangerous game.

He said: “Is it harder now or less hard? It’s impossible to say.

“When you start thinking 10 years back the memory plays games and you can’t [remember properly].

“Maybe it’s not the same. If you asked me 10 years ago I’d say ‘it’s OK’ because it’s all about how you get used to it.

“When you come after the winter and you drive, you see whether it’s hard or not because your neck is basically done after 20 laps and it feels awful.

“But the second test, you have a little bit of pain here and there and then you get used to it. It’s like any sport you do, you get used to what you do and it doesn’t feel hard.”

Hamilton has argued that young drivers are being given an easier ride and thinks they need to be more challenge.

Raikkonen has seen multiple changes since making his F1 debut back in 2001 and says the differences between now and then are in fact minimal.

“I don’t think it felt any different in the earlier days,” he added.

“Some races are harder than others. In those days we did a lot of testing and then you just get used to more.

“But if you are driving it’s always going to be hard to go fast and be on the limit. Sometimes it feels more easy.

“I remember sometimes when we had a very good car and everything is absolutely perfect, it feels like nothing.

“You drive easily and the lap time is great, everything is great, and it feels a bit too easy.

“But other times it’s a painful experience when you have to fight.”