Denise Van Outen admits she thought boyfriend Eddie was 'old' on their first blind date

Denise Van Outen, 45, and her beau Eddie Boxshall sat down to watch First Dates on Celebrity Gogglebox tonight and soon started reminiscing about their first date. “I remember when I got there I thought, it’s a blind date, I don’t know what he looks like,” she said. “So, I messaged Zoe and I said, ‘I need some indication because I don’t know what I’m looking for.’” Turning to his partner, Eddie sounded surprised as he asked: “So, you did get a photograph sent to you?”

“Yeah, but literally as I got there,” she explained. “But it was just the one of you and your daughter.

“It was so old and I thought, cor, he’s well fit!” she exclaimed. “And then you walked in and you was all grey and that and I thought, oh, he’s quite old.”

Looking stunned, he lightheartedly hit back: “How does this turn out to be the best date then?”

“Dunno, because I saw past that and I saw your personality,” Denise quipped mischievously.

“After about, what? Five—” he began, before the actress and presenter interjected, laughing: “Martinis.”

“Large,” he chuckled.

More to follow…