Carol Vorderman: 'Going to have to sack someone' Countdown star suffers on-air mishap

Former Countdown host Carol Vorderman, 58, caught up with former soldier and author Geraint Jones, 35, to mark Armed Forces Day. Ahead of introducing her guest, she told listeners he had served in the second battalion of the Royal Welsh for 12 years. After saying hello to Geraint, he swiftly corrected the host about her inaccurate information. “I’ve just got to correct something before I get beaten up by the lads,” he began.

Carol replied: “Oh no, what?”

He explained: “It wasn’t twelve years in the second battalion, it was twelve years in the second and third battalion.”

After acknowledging her mistake, Geraint then joked: “I don’t have to get a round of drinks in on that one.”

Carol they joked: “I have to sack someone again and she’s called Bridget and she’s looking at me.”

“It’s a great day for a sacking,” Geraint added in reference to the hot weather.

“Or maybe just a cup of tea,” Carol replied giggling.

Elsewhere during the show, Carol reflected on a rude moment which occurred at Glastonbury in 2009.

In a discussion about the festival with her co-star Nathan Sussex, she revealed how she was called over by a group of boys during a Tom Jones set.

She added the boys asked her to look at their T-shirt’s, which featured a cheeky phrase about Tom.

Giggling as she explained the story, she said: “I’m going to clean this story up a little bit…”

“There were these lads standing behind me all Welsh,” she continued before demonstrating how they sounded in the accent.

Reenacting the moment in the accent, she said: “Alright Carol, have you seen our T-shirts?”

“I turned around and every single one of them had special T-shirts made saying ‘Tom Jones knew my nan.’

But Carol admitted the phrase was too rude for air changed what the word really said.

She added: “I was cheering them, it was the funniest thing ever, ever, ever.”

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