Trump 'humiliates' EU leader in G20 power move – Spanish PM 'ordered to take a seat'

TV cameras caught the moment when US President Donald Trump appeared to order his Spanish counterpart to sit down before walking away. The “humiliating” clip quickly went viral, with Spanish media in uproar over both President Trump’s order and Pedro Sanchez’s apparent obedience. The encounter between the two world leaders took place at a session of the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, on Friday.

Spanish media outlets reacted furiously to an apparent snub of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez by President Trump.

El Pais described it as a “mocking gesture” and added that the pair share a “practically non-existent relationship”.

TeleMadrid described a “curious encounter” and said Trump told Sanchez, “you’ve got a good spot,” before making good his escape.

El Periodico described Trump’s gesture as “ugly.”

Viewers on Twitter also drew comparison to when President Trump’s pushed passed the Prime Minister of Montenegro at a 2017 NATO summit.

Critics of Mr Sanchez bemoaned that the left-wing leader obeyed when the US leader gestured to “shut up and sit down”.

However, Mr Sanchez’s aides played down the encounter, claiming the US President was complimenting Spain as a “good place to visit”. 

President Trump also made headlines for making jokes with Russian President Vladimir Putin despite reports linking his electoral victory to Kremlin disinformation.