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In iOS 13, connecting to a new Wi-Fi network is finally possible from Control Center. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Strike up the band and let the confetti cannons loose. With iOS 13, Apple has finally added a feature that iPhone fans have craved for years. After installing iOS 13, you no longer have to open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Wi-Fi section every time you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network. There’s a shortcut for that now and if you’ve ever used an Android phone before, you’ll recognize it right away.

So how do you use the new Wi-Fi shortcut? Easy peasy. 

1. Open Control Center. 

2. Long-press on the Wi-Fi icon until all connection toggles are visible. 

3. Long-press on the Wi-Fi icon again and bam, a list of available Wi-Fi networks will populate. 

4. Select the network you want to connect to, then enter the password and connect. 


Why hasn’t this been possible all along? Only Apple knows. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Keep in mind that iOS 13 is still in beta and features can and will ultimately change before the final release this fall. We’ll update this post with the most current information we have. If you want to help test iOS 13, you can install it on your iPhone or iPad right now

Easier Wi-Fi connecting joins a long list of new features added to iOS 13. There’s now a dedicated dark mode, plenty of hidden features, and you can now block unknown callers from ever making your phone ring. We have plenty more tips and tricks regarding anything and everything iOS 13

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Originally published June 27, 2019. 
Update, June 29.