Sky TV upgrade – 5 major missing features that could launch in your living room soon

Sky TV update

Sky TV update (Image: SKY)

Sky Q was unleashed in the UK in 2016 with it offering an improved way of watching TV.

This updated service allows more programmes to be recorded at once and adds the ability to view programmes in stunning 4K resolution.

There’s also the Sky Q mini boxes which bring seamless multi-room technology to your home.

You can even start watching a programme in one room and continue from where you left off in another part of your house.

Since Sky Q was launched its been regularly updated with added features such as Netflix integration and improved voice search.

However, there’s still some updates that fans are desperately waiting for and some may be arriving sooner that you might think.


As you’re probably aware, the only way to get the full Sky experience beamed into your home is via dish on your wall.

However, Sky is slowly rolling out an option to view its service via the web.

Some customers in Italy and Austria can now get full access to Sky without the need for an ugly dish stuck to their wall and the UK could be next.

Sky first announced the news that will allow its service to be beamed to homes without a dish back in 2017.

Jeremy Darroch, the Sky chief executive, said it would allow Sky to target up to six million households across Europe and two million in the UK who can’t or don’t want a satellite dish.

There’s still no official word on when British customers will get this option but speaking to Pocket-lint, a Sky spokesperson said: “There is scope for [Sky without a dish] to be rolled out across all key markets in future, although we don’t have any further information on details or timings at this time.”

Sky TV update

Virgin Media is launching Amazon Prime on its service (Image: AMAZON)

Sky Q

Sky Q launched Netflix last year (Image: SKY)


Sky recently added Netflix integration to its Sky Q service which allows customers to watch this streaming service straight from the homescreen.

Users of both Sky and Netflix can also pay for these premium services from one monthly bill.

Netflix coming to Sky has been a welcomed move but what about Amazon Prime?

There’s no word from Sky about this extra content coming to customers but things might be about to change as Virgin Media gets closer to a launch.

Back in April, Virgin announced that it would bring Amazon Prime Video to its V6 customers and that upgrade now seems imminent.

Speaking exclusively to gadget website T3, Virgin Media revealed that more news on the Prime Video update would be coming “very soon”.

“The wait is almost over for Virgin Media customers with the launch of Amazon Prime Video on our V6 box this summer,” the spokesperson told T3.

“Our customers will be able to seamlessly search for and watch thousands of TV shows, movies and Amazon Originals plus live Premier League games being shown in December. Amazon’s Ultra High Definition content will also be available.”

Sky and Virgin continue to be huge rivals and it’s unlikely the satellite TV firm will want to be left behind for long.

Sky Q

Sky is pushing its voice search capabilities (Image: SKY)


Voice search is already a popular addition with Sky boasting that 10 million requests are made each month and it seems things could soon get even better for Q users.

Sky recently teased improvements to this feature with an advert showing a woman searching for her remote – the tagline reads “You can’t lose your voice under the sofa.”

That campaign suggested the firm could attempt to go remote free in the future and now it seems we may have a hint of what’s to come via comments made by Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch.

Sky was recently acquired by US firm Comcast is a deal worth some £30 billion and during a recent investors call Darroch revealed his passion to feature improved voice search saying: “We really like the Comcast voice platform, and we’re going to be incorporating that for Sky Q, and we’ll consolidate that and use the technology there”.

In the US Comcast has its Xfinity X1 set-top box which is similar to Sky Q.

However, its voice capabilities are far better than what Sky currently offers its customers with users across the Atlantic able to perform tasks such recording shows, checking when programmes are on TV and even ask to watch certain sporting events with the channel instantly changing to reveal the game.

There’s even the ability to ask what music or song is playing on the TV with the answer appearing on the screen.

If Sky can add these extras to the Q box it will make voice search infinitely more useful.

Sky TV update

Sky TV update (Image: SKY)


Another update could arrive in the form of a more personalised experience when watching TV.

Sky says it aims to improve personalisation with the addition of individual profiles, enhancing the platform’s data-driven recommendations.

There’s no more information on this but it’s thought this upgrade could work using the updated voice search to know which family member is watching TV.

The satellite TV recently added a dedicated Kids Safe Mode on Sky Q which will stop younger viewers accessing any programmes that are not suitable for them.

Once activated, via a pin code, it will allow parents to lock their Sky Q box in the Kids section.

All non-kids’ content including live TV channels, recordings, on-demand shows and even apps that feature unsuitable content will then be blocked until the mode is deactivated.

Speaking about the update, Stephen van Rooyen, Chief Executive UK & Ireland commented: “At Sky, we go further than anyone else to ensure we put families first when developing our services.

“Sky Q’s new Kids Safe Mode is a super simple way for parents to have ultimate peace of mind when their children are watching TV.”


If you use Sky’s broadband service you could soon get a speed boost.

The firm says it is planning to launch a next-generation router in the UK with enhanced Wifi capabilities.

Although no official details have yet been revealed a report from ISPreview says that some customers, taking part in Sky’s SOGEA trial, have already begun testing a new broadband booster.

Thought to be called “Sky Broadband Hub” this new device could launch soon with it excepted to bring the best WiFi performance ever.

BT recently revealed its Complete Wi-Fi solution which it says will boost average speeds in a four-bedroom house by around 25 per cent.

And TalkTalk has also recently refreshed its home router so it’s unlikely that Sky will want to wait too long before launching its own update.