Rose Hanbury diamond tiara revealed – Prince William and Kate Middleton’s neighbour

Rose Hanbury married the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley in 2009.

Since she has worn the family’s stunning diamond flower tiara.

This tiara is a modified version of the Ancaster Heathcote Tiara.

It seems to be the only grand tiara that the family own, as no other women in the family have been seen wearing a sparkling headpiece.

It appears that Rose has changed the piece to make it more wearable, a wise decision as the original design was enormous.

The tiara is covered in diamonds, shaped like two sprays coming together in the middle.

This reflects how the tiara was made, as it was crafted by gems from two women and two families, Lady Heathcote and Lady Perth.

It came to be in the possession of the Marquess of Cholmondeley due to marriage.

Now Rose, full name Sarah Rose Hanbury, wears the piece as a member of the family.

The tiara was worn on the wedding of Hugh Van Cutsem Junior and Rose Astor, at which the piece was was at its original height.

Rose Astor now writes for Sunday Times Travel and teaches yoga.

One notable moment Rose Hanbury wore the tiara was in July 2017 when she was escorted by Prince Harry to the Spanish State Visit.

She wore the tiara with a pretty white dress. Rose also wore the tiara to the State Dinner in 2015 when China’s President Xi Jinping visited. This time she paired it with a light blue dress with beading and long sleeves.

It was recently claimed that Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury fell out, and that the Duchess of Cambridge “asked William to phase her out” of their circle of friends. 

The Sun reported that rift, which occurred between the two women who are also neighbours.

A source told the Sun: “It is well known that Kate Middleton and Rose have had a terrible falling out. They used to be close but that is not the case any more.

“William wants to play peacemaker so the two couples can remain friends, given they live so close to each other and share many mutual friends.”

The source added: “But Kate has been clear that she doesn’t want to see them any more and wants William to phase them out, despite their social status.”

In fact, it was claimed by a journalist Kate and Rose’s falling out contributed to a new image for the Duchess. 

Writer Daniela Elser claims “everything has changed” for Kate.

Addressing stories on the Duchess of Cambridge’s apparent feud with her friend and neighbour Rose Hanbury, the journalist, who is also features editor-at-large at Marie Claire claimed: “This depiction of Kate is one of a woman who is crafty and who cruelly amputates friends when she decides they are persona non grata.

“That image is galaxies apart from the carefully honed construct of bland perfection we have been fed for years.

“We will likely never know if there is any truth in The Times piece but what is apparent is just how dramatically the narrative about the future Queen has changed in less than a year.”