Lewis Hamilton delivers worrying eight-word radio message during Austria Qualifying

Lewis Hamilton looks to be cruising to another world title and leads the Drivers’ standings by 36 points after eight races.

But Mercedes could come under threat this weekend in Austria with Hamilton facing a five-place grid penalty for an incident in qualifying.

And shortly after it emerged there would be an investigation, Hamilton spoke to his radio and uttered some concerning words.

Speaking to Pete Bennington he said: ”Bono, we are not quick on the straights.”

Hamilton is looking to win his seventh race in nine in Austria this weekend, but he may have to do so from some way back.

And Damon Hill thinks he’s likely to incur a penalty for his move to cut up Kimi Raikkonen.

Hill, speaking on Sky Sports, said: “Well he was in the way. I just don’t think there’s any other way you can read that.”

“If there’s a penalty for impeding and they apply it consistently, then I’m afraid he’s probably going to be in line for one.”

Raikkonen was then caught on camera swearing at Hamilton as he went past him in a brilliant moment.

Hamilton though is worried about his car this week and feels he may get left behind.

However he may have been given a boost by Sebastian Vettel suffering another disaster.

Vettel left his car in the pitt and will start the race in ninth place after a technical malfunction.

Former Renault driver Jolson Palmer speaking on BBC Radio 5 live said: “What a shame for Vettel. Things are just not going his way at the moment. Here, Ferrari have the best car – Leclerc has a three tenth gap to Vettel – and both Ferraris could have been up there.

“Starting from ninth on the grid, that’s a real shame.

“This is clearly no fault of his. I feel really, really sorry for him.”

Hamilton was in a bouyant mood yesterday when he issued a rallying call after seeing how quick the Ferraris were.

After yesterday’s practice he said: “The Ferraris and the Red Bulls look pretty quick, particularly the Ferraris so it will be interesting to see how that pans out, because you never know what they do.

“But I think it’s close, which is good. I love it when it’s close and that means we have our work cut out.

“I think Ferrari showed they are either with us or slightly ahead of us.

“The Ferraris are generally very quick on the straights. The Red Bulls have picked up on the straights too. I think that’s definitely going to be the challenge.

“The Ferraris have been quicker in the straights for whatever reason and it doesn’t seem to be happening in the corners, so it will be really interesting.”

source: express.co.uk