EE surpasses Vodafone and Three with major 5G announcement

EE was the first provider in the UK to turn on its 5G network; the next-generation technology promises to deliver turbocharged internet speeds for customers.

This not only means all content should appear faster when surfing the web, but it also means gaming on the go will have lower latency, too. has been vigorously testing EE’s 5G network since its debut and have been able to reach speeds of almost 300Mbps in the centre of London.

To put that into context, last year Ofcom declared the average speed of UK broadband was 46.2Mbps.

At the moment, only a limited number of phones are able to harness 5G.

That is because new handsets need a modem specifically engineered to run the faster network housed inside to support it.

The proposition of having breakneck internet speeds is incredibly tantalising and it seems EE is determined to bring the new technology to as many as possible.

The UK network has just announced a range of new 5G mobile broadband plans that can allow customers to dramatically increase the speed of their home internet.

Such news comes before Vodafone or Three have launched their 5G networks, seemingly cementing EE’s early advantage in this area.

EE is offering its new service with the HTC 5G Hub – a small router capable of delivering zippy broadband.

The HTC 5G Hub provides an internet connection for up to 20 users at once and is incredibly portable thanks to its small build and 7,660mAh battery.

The Hub also touts a 5-inch HD screen and is powered by Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Finally, the hardware comes with 32GB of internal memory, allowing owners to store media on the hardware itself.

The device costs £500 on its own but EE is bundling it with the new broadband plans.

Currently, there are two tariffs offered by the UK network that allow customers to get 5G in their home.

The first comes with 50GB of data and costs £50 per month on a two-year contract.

This particular tariff also requires an upfront charge of £100 to be paid, too.

• EE 5G mobile broadband plan with 50GB of data and HTC 5G Hub – £50 per month on a two-year contract with an upfront cost of £100 GET THE DEAL HERE

For those craving more data, EE is also providing 100GB for £75 per month on a 24-month plan.

• EE 5G mobile broadband plan with 100GB of data and HTC 5G Hub – £75 per month on a two-year contract with an upfront cost of £100 GET THE DEAL HERE

It is worth noting you will need to be living in an area that supports 5G in order to take advantage of EE’s new service.

EE has already switched on 5G in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester.

However, the network plans to expand supported areas later this year.

Cities expected to receive 5G down the line are: Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol.

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