Avengers Endgame extra scenes worth paying for again? 'DISAPPOINTED' fans NOT IMPRESSED

Nobody is under any illusion why Marvel has rereleased Avengers 4 at the cinema with a few minutes of bonus content. The goal is to beat Avatar’s long-standing record as the biggest box office film of all time. All Endgame needs is $36million to pass $2.788billion. With eight minutes of extra features after the end credits, Marvel is hoping to entice enough fans back to make it happen. They’re also giving out a lovely free poster in the US. But was it worth it? Fan reactions are decidedly mixed, especially since the home entertainment packages arrive from July and will include bonus features.

What is the extra content exactly?

There is a proper tribute to Marvel creator and legend Stan Lee which all the comments so far agree is beautifully done and very moving. It shows him filming his cameos and being the genial charmer fans knew and loved.

There are the first two minutes from Spider-Man Far From Home which is fine, but the film is out on Tuesday and most fans will already be booked in to see that anyway.

Finally, there is a much-promoted Hulk deleted scene which the Russos have been pushing on social media. This is the biggest draw but is also by far the biggest disappointment. It is something that would barely make it onto the end of a bunch of deleted scenes on a regular DVD release.

The scene is half-rendered, with Hulk purely done in basic computer graphics, rescuing people from a burning building. The scene would have slotted in directly before he meets Steve and Natasha at the diner. It’s incredibly basic and doesn’t add anything at all to the plot.

Fan reactions overall mainly agree the bonus features are not worth the price of a ticket alone, although the Stan Lee tribute is universally loved. Reactions to the Hulk scene are mainly negative.

However, many fans are also invested in trying to make their beloved film the biggest of all time and many barely need a reason to go and see the film again anyway.

REACTIONS TO ENDGAME BONUS CONTENT: “Tbh the re-release bonus content for Avengers EndGame was really poor quality, and almost looked Fan-Made.”

“Saw Avengers Endgame again today. The bonus stuff isn’t great. The unfinished deleted scene looks to have been from early, prob the 1st Hulk shot of the film. It’s a Die Hard call back, complete with Reginald Veljohnson. The Scott Lang Die Hard reference prob replaced this.”

“Was seeing Endgame again for the bonus footage worth it? Probably not. Was it worth it to see it again to help it beat Avatar? ABSO-F***ING-LOUTELY!”

“Wow, I really thought the endgame extra scene was gonna be something relevant. What was I? A goddamn FOOL”

“I saw the footage for the endgame rerelease and the Stan Lee tribute is awesome and made me sad but the extra scene is not worth the price of another ticket.”

“If you’re a Marvel fan, GO SEE ENDGAME AGAIN. Extra footage was worth it. Love you Stan 3000.”


source: express.co.uk