Spider-Man Far From Home end credits scene introduce THIS new Avenger?

This is the final film in the first three Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Far From Home hits cinemas worldwide after the weekend and reviews are generally positive. When the first reactions arrived online, one of the major revelations was just how important at least one end credit scene is. Marvel has always used them to tease in new characters of plotlines for upcoming movies and fan excitement immediately wondered if it meant the debut of one central Avengers hero.

Avengers Endgame decimated the core group of superheroes.

It also set up Captain Marvel as their new leader as franchise bosses promise the future sagas will be going more cosmic.

However, there are still some huge new changes to address on Earth, not least the handing over of the Captain America torch (or shield) from Steve Rogers to his dear friend Sam, aka Falcon.

Is this who pops up as the credits roll? What does the man himself have to say?

The whole subject came up after Marvel’s Kevin Feige and creative executive Eric Carroll revealed the new Captain America was originally planned to appear.

However, they decided Spider-Man is better having his own journey without other Avengers

Falcon star Anthony Mackie took to social media to respond to being cut and directly blamed Tom Holland.

Mackie wrote on Twitter: “Sh*t. REALLY?! Way to go Tom Holland to mess that one up!”

Poor old Tom always gets blamed for everything but at least there were no spoilers this time. In fact, there is still an embargo on all plot details until next Tuesday.

What we can tell you is that two characters pop up at the end. One is a massive cult fan favourite and one is a very important character indeed…


source: express.co.uk