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Powerbeats Pro

The new Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones can do everything Apple’s AirPods can do, but have a more rugged design.

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The new Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are similar to Apple’s AirPods ($159 at Amazon) in terms of function, but they are much more rugged and designed to withstand abuse from workouts. They’re water-resistant so they can handle your sweaty ears, and include Apple’s H1 chip for easy pairing.

But don’t let the minimalist black design fool you into thinking these workout-friendly earbuds don’t have many features. The Powerbeats Pro earphones have a handful of clever ways to make them easy to control and fit best on your ears.

As part of CNET’s new How To Do It All YouTube channel, we show you how to set up the Powerbeats, pair them to various phones, sync them across your devices with an iCloud account and take advantage of built-in features like the Automatic Ear Detection feature. Take a look at the video below. We get the Powerbeats working on an iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3, Apple Watch Series 3, iPad Air and MacBook Pro.

If you’re still hankering to learn more about the Powerbeats Pro check out CNET’s article: Powerbeats Pro: 9 tips and tricks to get the most out of your wireless earbuds. And to see how the earphones compare against the AirPods read AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro: The best wireless earphones are….

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