GTA 5 Online Casino UPDATE: New Grand Theft Auto DLC details TODAY? Rockstar Games news

GTA 5 Online is getting the casino update this summer, which Rockstar Games has teased will be the “largest and most extravagant addition“ DLC yet.

The upcoming GTA DLC has been teased for years, with fans promised that a casino was “opening soon” ever since GTA 5 first launched in 2013.

Despite that for years the GTA casino stood inert, with the sad-looking “opening soon” sign displayed for almost six years.

It seemed unlikely whether the GTA casino would ever open, but just before E3 activity was spotted at the casino after a GTA update was launched.

Construction cones were spotted by the GTA casino and the “opening soon” sign was removed.

It sparked speculation that the GTA 5 casino could actually be opening, with major leaker Tezfunz2 saying it would open its doors in the next update.

Rockstar Games later confirmed the GTA casino would be the next big update for Grand Theft Auto.

For the past two weeks each Thursday Rockstar Games have revealed more on the GTA casino.

A fortnight ago Rockstar Games confirmed that the GTA casino would be “opening soon” in a teaser tweet.

And then last Thursday the Rockstar newswire published a post about the GTA 5 casino.

It revealed the new GTA 5 map location would be called the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Rockstar said the casino will “feature lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities”.

It was also confirmed that the GTA 5 casino would have a release date “later this summer”.

Cryptically, Rockstar Games also said: “Stay tuned for more details and an inside look at the largest and most extravagant addition to the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos”.

Seeing as Rockstar for the past two Thursdays have revealed updates on the GTA casino, it’s possible they could continue doing this weekly to build hype.

Alternatively, the GTA makers may leave it a little while longer until they reveal more on the GTA casino.

Either way, it does sound like an update on the GTA 5 casino is coming in the near future – with the first pictures set to be revealed soon.

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