Dubai leaders’s wife flees country as activists claim ‘her life was in danger’

Husband Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, one of the world’s richest men as well as being Dubai’s leader, has angrily denounced his wife’s “treachery and betrayal”, according to the Daily Beast website, which also suggested she would like to move the UK, ideally London. Citing sources close to officials in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Radha Stirling, CEO of the Detained in Dubai watchdog, said they believed 45-year-old Princess Haya had sought asylum in Germany. She added: “Whenever someone applies for political asylum, obviously, it is because their lives are in danger, and because they have suffered severe abuses and violations of their human rights.

“We already know that Princess Latifa, Sheikh Mohammed’s daughter, fled the UAE seeking asylum and alleging unspeakable abuse at the hands of her father.

“Now, it seems, Princess Haya, Sheikh Mohammed’s wife, has also fled the country and sought refuge in Germany.”

Ms Stirling said there were “serious questions” to be asked about what prompted Princess Haya to take such dramatic steps rather than simply filing for divorce and leaving with her children.

She added: “She is, after all, a free adult woman, and the sister of the King of Jordan; yet apparently, she feels unsafe.”

Princess Latifa, the Sheikh’s 33-year-old daughter, fled the UAE last year seeking asylum, accusing her father of abuse.

In December 2018, the Dubai royal court said she was back in Dubai, and human rights groups have suggested she may be being held in captivity.

Ms Stirling said: “Princess Haya was put in a position late last year of helping Sheikh Mohammed gloss over international concerns about the well-being of Princess Latifa after her capture, and subsequent disappearance.”

Referring to a meeting with the former President of Ireland, she added: “She met with Mary Robinson in an orchestrated photo op with a clearly dazed and listless Latifa, in a PR stunt that was widely criticised and damaged Haya’s standing in the human rights community.

“While we cannot speculate, Haya undoubtedly has witnessed, or experienced firsthand, the types of mistreatment alleged by Latifa, and decided to get out.

“The real questions now are, what prompted Haya to leave, and will she reveal those reasons?

“Since the Princess Latifa case, Sheikh Mohammed’s position in the Emirates has weakened dramatically, added to this are a catalogue of wrongful detentions and false prosecutions against foreigners in Dubai, all of which have been severely detrimental to the UAE’s image.

“Now, the wife of Dubai’s Ruler has fled under circumstances that are highly incriminating to the royal family.

“The significance of Princess Haya’s departure cannot be overestimated, and it does not bode well for the future of Sheikh Mohammed’s reign.”

The six-times married Sheikh has been vice-President and Prime Minister since his brother’s death in 2006.

He has 23 children – nine sons and 14 daughters – by several different wives.

He was pictured at Royal Ascot last week celebrating wins by his horse, Blue Point, in the King’s Stand stakes and Diamond Jubilee stakes.