Bonanza The Slot Game

Do you remember the US TV show Bonanza? This show depicted the moral dilemmas of the famous Cartwright family in 1869s Virginia and kept audiences at the edge of their seats for 14 seasons. Have you always wanted to be part of the old dusty gold digging adventures of the Wild West? Picture the large gold mines, waiting to be explored and exploited? Image the feelings of euphoria of striking pure gold after a hard day’s work? Well, this feeling can be brought to you thanks to Bonanza! This exciting game (which you can click this link to view) brings to life all of those images and sends you on a gold digging expedition of your own.

This game is beautifully designed and set in a huge goldmine that has been dug out of a giant rock. In the background, you can see huge tumbling boulders and even a cabin to rest your feet after a long day’s work. The realistic nature of the game is brought to life thanks to the Hill Billy themed music playing in the background, which keeps you perky and full of energy.

Gameplay on Bonanza

The goal of this game is to get a number of matching goldmine themed symbols in a row so you can cash in some real gold. There are many different kinds of symbols on the playing field so that you are always in for a surprise – which will be your winning symbol? There are tons of different ways you can win because Bonanza has been kitted out with a Megaways mechanism, which allows for countless winning combinations. I’m sorry did I say countless? There are precisely 117,649 possible ways to win this game.

This game is all about winning – and winning big! Each time you win the winning symbol explodes and is replaced by a new one that drops down from the top. Once all the symbols have been replaced you can tally up and will see explosions each time you win. These explosions don’t end just because you have won once but keep on happening until no more winning combinations are possible.

Online Slot Symbols

Of course, Bonanza also has a joker symbol, which replaces a symbol in a sequence missing a piece. In this case, your joker is disguised as a stick of dynamite! If you are looking for free spins as well, look no further. You need to hit four of the letters “G” “O” “L” and “D” and when you do, you can go ahead and enjoy a free spin. If you manage to spell out the word “GOLD” you have struck gold and it will rain 12 free games for you! Bonanza, indeed! Another way in which you can secure free spins is by keeping an eye on the carts carrying gold through the mines: just three of these will win you five free games!

Let Bonanza transport you to the Wild West and the gold rush it brought with it. Saddle up and get ready to get down and dusty so that you too can strike pure gold with Bonanza!