Android is changing as Google releases huge new upgrade

UPDATE ONE: Since the initial report from Android Police, the outlet has received a statement from a Google spokesman declaring no official rollout of the new version of Android Auto has released.

The tech powerhouse insisted the update is still scheduled for a rollout this summer.

It is currently unknown how one user on Reddit was able to obtain the new software.

ORIGINAL STORY: Android is Google’s mobile operating system that has a legion of features that make it appealing.

One of its most useful is Android Auto that allows users to mirror some of their phone’s functionality onto a car’s entertainment head unit for easy accessibility.

The main idea behind the software is to eliminate any temptations drivers may have to use their phone while driving, which is illegal.

One of the best features about Android Auto is the fact it allows drivers to harness the Google Assistant to perform functions.

This means adopters of the software can simply use voice commands to change a track that is playing or start navigation using Google Maps for instance.

Android Auto debuted back in 2014 and its design has so far remained incredibly similar.

However, back in May Google announced it was introducing a radical new look for the software designed to “help you get on the road faster, show more information at a glance and simplify common tasks while driving”.

The latest version of Android Auto comes with a number of new features.

Chief of these is a dark theme that will be easier on the eyes of drivers, especially at night time.

Discussing the improvements, Google said: “As soon as you start your car, Android Auto will continue playing your media and show your navigation app of choice. Simply tap on a suggested location or say ‘Hey Google’ to navigate to a new place.

“With the new navigation bar, you’ll be able to see your turn-by-turn directions and control your apps and phone on the same screen. With the new navigation bar, you’ll be able to easily control your apps with one tap. Get turn-by-turn directions, rewind your podcast or take incoming call all on the same screen.

“The new notification centre shows recent calls, messages and alerts, so you can choose to view, listen and respond at a time that’s convenient and safe for you.

“If you have a car with a wider screen, Android Auto now maximises your display to show you more information, like next-turn directions, playback controls and ongoing calls.”

Google initially stated the new design for Android Auto would start rolling out in the summer but no precise date was given.

However, it appears the fresh software is finally arriving for owners, as noted by Android Police.

The outlet spotted a user post on Reddit confirming they had received the new iteration of Android Auto.

It was suggested the update seems to be a “server-side change”, meaning it is presumably gradually debuting for all users.