Wimbledon qualifier smashes five rackets in a row during furious outburst

World No 205 Santillan has never qualified for a Grand Slam and he was dumped out of the second round at Roehampton this afternoon.

The Australian then stormed off to a private area of the field to unleash his anger.

A gruelling fifth set, which lasted for 22 games, proved to be too much for Santillan.

The 22-year-old proceeded the take every racket out of his bag and smash them to pieces.

A trail of destruction lay in his wake as he picked up his bag to walk back to the changing rooms.

Santillan is not the first Australian to smash his rackets in recent times.

Fellow countryman Nick Kyrgios has a knack of taking his anger out on his equipment.

The 23-year-old even lost his cool at Queen’s Club last week, calling the umpire a “nutter’ and accusing the line judge of “rigging” a match.

Kyrgios is due to return to action at Wimbledon next week but is unseeded, meaning he could draw nay of the top players in the opening round.

However, his actions last week came under lots of criticism, especially from former British No 1 Greg Rusedski.

“First of all I would like to say that I like Nick as a person off the court,” Amazon Prime pundit Rusedski told Express Sport.

“I think he is a good guy but I think he needs help to be honest with you.

“I think he needs someone to work with him outside of tennis.

“If I was working with Nick I would say ‘ok, let’s just play 12 tournaments a year, but every time you show up you have to have the right attitude and the right behaviour’.

“He stepped out of line and you can’t constantly have that behaviour. There’s something that has to be done.

“For me, as a person, why is he behaving like that on the court? That’s where he needs someone to work with him from that point of view so he knows why he is doing that.

“I don’t think he has had that yet. For me it is unacceptable that behaviour on a tennis court.”

source: express.co.uk