TV's First Sexually Fluid Cast, No Privacy and 1 Shared Bed: Secrets Revealed About Are You the One?

To find the prospective perfect matches (who are all 21 or older because, if you’ve seen the show, you know they drink. A lot.) AYTO? conducts an intense nation-wide search, with Spangler saying, “We leave no rock left unturned.”

We’ve had quite a bit of traffic in terms of people wanting to be on the show, fans being on the show, people who I think see themselves in the cast and want to be on the show. It’s fantastic to have lots of options and hear lots of different stories and have people who can represent every corner of the country.”

As the show has grown in popularity (and the post-show opportunities have increased), the number of applicants is now in the tens of thousands per season, but Spangler noted they do recruit a lot of potential contestants, usually by going to bars or through social media. 

Or, as season six’s Tyler said during his Reddit AMA, “someone hit me up and was like hey you want some money and go to paradise… easy reason.”

A thousand-page questionnaire and some light interviewing later, you make it to the casting rounds, which is where the process really kicks into high gear, with only about 100 people making it to this extensive process.

In addition to a personality test, interviews with the producers and matchmaking experts, psychological testing and profiling, a background check, there will also be interviews with your family, friends and exes to really get to know you. 

Sure, looks and the ability to narrate and speak in interviews is important, the show is mostly interested is representing the audience and telling new stories. “What is it that they bring to this house that they can share with each other and learn from each other?” Spangler said.