Life after death: Mother sees ‘Heaven’ scrawls ‘it’s real’ after she dies for 27 minutes

Tina Hines gestured she wanted to write something and scrawled “it’s real” on a piece of paper after momentarily being revived. When her family asked her what was real she looked upwards and nodded. She later claimed the note refers to Heaven existing. And she revealed what the astonishing scenes she saw while unconscious, which include a Jesus-like figure appearing. 

Tina told “It was so real. The colours were so vibrant.”

The drama began when the active mum was on her way for a hike with her husband near the couple’s home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tina collapsed and turned purple according to her husband Brian.

He gave her CPR and brought her back twice before paramedics arrived.

On the way to hospital in the ambulance, paramedics lost Tina and resuscitated her six times before she arrived in hospital.

Tina was dead for a collective 27 minutes, the family have revealed.

In the hospital with a tube in her mouth and unable to speak, she was given a pen and piece of paper when she wrote the almost unintelligible note.

She later described seeing a figure she says was Jesus.

He was standing in front of some black gates and was surrounded by a bright yellow light.

Most people who temporarily die from cardiac arrests have no memory of this period.

However, between 10 to 20 percent say they have near death experiences.

A study on rats by the University of Michigan showed a burst of brain activity in the moments before death and complex thoughts.

Scientists claim the brain activity may allow people to have memories of the period before death.

But Tina is convinced what she saw means God and Heaven exist.

And her family are equally convinced.

Her niece Madie Johnson even has the note from Tina tattooed on her wrist.

The mother from Arizon is not alone and there are numerous others with similar visions and beliefs.

Just weeks ago a motorcyclist called John said he was “teleported to a desert” after suffering a life threatening injury.

He said: “The ground was sandy but solid, and I could smell the desert air.”

He added vivid description of what he say bt then “snapped back to reality” and found himself in hospital.

Another man, writing in the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, said he was “in blackness with hundreds of sparkly lights”.

He then saw Jesus “standing on the other side of a bridge” and revealed Jesus asked him: “Gary would you like to stay for eternal peace and happiness or go back?”

Gary asked to return and then woke up back in his body.

He wrote: “If an experience like this doesn’t change you, then there’s something wrong with you.”

And Dr Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York, recently said in a debate how people describe a “sensation of a bright, warm, welcoming light”.

Others report “watching doctors and nurses working on them”.

But Dr Parnia insists there is a scientific explanation and that the brain scans itself as a survival technique.