The Spanish Princess ending explained: What happened at the end?

The Spanish Princess is available to stream on Starz and Starzplay now. The eight-part series dramatised the early life of Spanish Princess, Catherine of Aragon (played by Charlotte Hope) who arrived in Tudor England to marry Prince Arthur (Angus Imrie). After his death in episode one, the series followed Catherine’s determination to get her hands on the English throne and by the final episode, she was one step closer.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about The Spanish Princess

What happened at the end of The Spanish Princess?

At the end of The Spanish Princess, Catherine of Aragon was one step closer to winning the heart of Prince Harry (Ruairi O’Connor).

History enthusiasts will know that Catherine did go on to become the first wife of Henry VIII, so the finale set the series up nicely for a second season.

Following the death of Henry’s brother Arthur, it was revealed that Prince Harry would go on to be crowned King Henry VIII.

Much to Catherine’s advantage, Henry VII (Elliot Cowan) died in 1509, meaning Harry would now be King of England.


Instead of marrying Catherine’s niece Eleanor as arranged, Harry brought Catherine back to the Tudor court to be his wife.

The entire series had cast doubt on Catherine’s future as the Queen of England after the passing of Arthur.

Catherine had been promised the English throne since birth thanks to Arthur’s father, Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth of York’s pact with Catherine’s mother Queen Isabella and her father King Ferdinand.

Catherine decided to take matters into her own hands and get to know Arthur’s brother Harry, the Duke of York, against Lady Margaret Beaufort’s (Harriet Walker) wishes.

In the final episode, Lady Margaret event tried to prove that Catherine is lying about her virginity.


Catherine insisted that she and Arthur never consummated their short-lived marriage which would allow her marriage to be annulled and would grant her the freedom to marry Harry.

However, viewers know from early on in the series that Arthur and Catherine’s marriage was consummated.

Margaret was able to manipulate Catherine’s lady-in-waiting Lina (Stephanie Levi John) into “proving” that Catherine was not a virgin by threatening to execute her lover Oviedo (Aaron Cobham).

However, Harry and Catherine were able to save Oviedo and in doing so, Oviedo revealed that the Pope had given written permission for Catherine and Harry to marry, but Margaret had hidden the letter.

Regardless of Margaret’s attempt to squash Catherine’s advances for the English throne and the threat of the Yorkshire claimant Edward de la pole (Nick Barber) to take the throne, Harry and Catherine declared their love for one another.

However, in the final moments before their private marriage ceremony, Harry once again questioned Catherine about her virginity.

The final shot of Catherine walking away from Harry in a rage only adds to Harry’s doubt.

Things are not as simple as they seem, with Harry maybe have some dark secrets himself.

Catherine’s father claimed that Harry had slept with her sister Joanna was beginning to suspect that he slept with her sister Joanna but did he?

Viewers will have to wait and find out what will happen to Harry and Catherine’s impending marriage in season two of the Spanish Princess.


When is The Spanish Princess season two out?

Yes, there will be another season of The Spanish Princess.

The Starz series was given the green light at the beginning of June 2019 and will air in May 2020.

Showrunners Emma Frost and Matthew Graham said in a statement: “We are thrilled to tell the next chapter of Catherine of Aragon’s story as she negotiates war, politics and marriage to the most dangerous King of England.

“As a company that always produces compelling and dynamic projects, Starz has been a great creative partner and we look forward to concluding Catherine’s journey with them

The Spanish Princess is the third in a trilogy series that followed The White Queen and The White Princess.

However, The Spanish Princess is the only one of the three to be renewed for an additional eight episodes.

The Spanish Princess is streaming on Starzplay now.