Mate 20 Pro update is the best news Huawei fans have heard in weeks

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro continues to be one of the very best Android phones on the market.

However, a recent US blacklisting has caused a huge amount of worry for those owning one of these award-winning devices.

The government ban has meant firms including Google will no longer be able to work with Huawei and that’s a big problem.

All of Huawei’s phones use the Android operating system to power them and with Google no longer able to supply updates there has been huge concern over what happens next for those owning devices such as the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro.

Since the block was announced, Huawei has stayed pretty quiet but now the firm has released full details and help for its customers.

In a post on its website the company states: “At Huawei, we always put our consumers first, regardless of the challenges we face.

“All Huawei smartphones, tablets and PCs will continue to receive security patches, Android updates and Microsoft support.

“Anyone who has already bought, or is about to buy a Huawei smartphone, can continue to access the world of apps as they have always done. All devices continue to be covered by our manufacturer’s warranty and will receive full service support accordingly.”

That’s good news but there’s an even better update with Huawei once again confirming that there should be no issues with getting Google’s next big upgrade.

Android Q was announced earlier this year and it seems the Mate 20 Pro will get access to it with Huawei saying, “Our most popular current devices, including the P30 series, will be able to access Android Q.

“In fact, we have already launched a beta developer programme for Android Q which is running right now on our Mate 20 Pro device.”

Along with that announcement, Huawei has also posted a list of questions and answers that consumers may have.

Below is a snippet of some of the most important concerns and you can find the full list here.

Q. Huawei smartphones and tablets will no longer get software or security updates?

A. Ongoing security and software updates will continue to be provided to keep all Huawei smartphones and tablets secure and up-to-date.

Q. Android will be automatically uninstalled from Huawei smartphones and tablets?

A. Android will not be automatically uninstalled from Huawei smartphones and tablets. We continue to work closely with our partners to ensure our consumers can always enjoy the best possible experience.

Q. Huawei users will not be able to download or use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram?

A. For all Huawei smartphones and tablets, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram apps can be downloaded and used as normal.

Q. If you reset your Huawei smartphone or tablet, you will lose access permanently to Android Services and Google Apps?

A. If you reset your Huawei smartphone or tablet to factory settings, Android Services and Google Apps can still be downloaded and used as normal.

Q. The P30 & the P30 Pro won’t get access to Android Q?

A. We are confident that our most popular devices, including the P30 series, will be able to access Android Q. We have been working with third parties for many months to ensure devices will be able to receive Android Q updates. Technical preparations and testing has already begun for over 17 devices. In fact our Mate 20 Pro has already been given approval to receive Android Q as and when it is released by Google.

Here is the list of the products we have submitted to upgrade to Android Q

P30 Pro • P30 • Mate 20 • Mate 20 Pro • PORSCHE DESIGN Mate 20 RS • P30 lite • P smart 2019 • P smart+ 2019

P smart Z • Mate 20 X • Mate 20 X (5G) • P20 Pro • P20 • Mate 10 Pro • PORSCHE DESIGN Mate 10 • Mate 10 • Mate 20 Lite