ITV GMB: 'I don't work for you' Alex Beresford walks off after Piers Morgan clash

Piers Morgan, 53, remarked earlier on today’s edition of Good Morning Britain anyone could present the weather forecast, leaving meterologist Alex, 38, a little riled.

After the host’s comment, Alex jokingly stormed off the ITV set, leaving Piers and Susanna Reid, 48, stunned at the weather presenter’s reaction.

Later on in the show, Alex and Piers were pitted against each other again as the host went on to introduce the weather segment once more.

However, instead of walking off, Alex decided to stand his ground and confront Piers which led to an awkward clash between the pair.

After one viewer noticed the awkward atmosphere between the two men, Piers read the Tweet which said: “Surprised you put Alex Beresford and Piers Morgan in the same room. It’s obvious they don’t get on and not particularly pleasant to watch.”

Susanna then chimed: “Well, imagine being in the same room as them,” with Alex laughing over the other side of the studio.

“It just gets colder and colder,” Susanna remarked, as Piers commented: “He’s just a bit of a drama queen.

“The walkout earlier on,” Piers continued, before Susanna quipped: “I think that’s what Alex would say about you to be fair.”

Trying to prod his co-star a little further, Piers said: “Can I ask one question Alex?” to which Alex hit back: “Are you still going on?”

Continuing his questioning, Piers said: “One question. Is it going to be warm, no rain at Lord’s tomorrow for the cricket?”

Ignoring Piers’ question, Alex remarked: “Are you talking to me?” with the host replying: “Yes, you’re the weather man.”

Alex then sternly told the host: “I don’t work for you,” with Susanna gasping in shock at the weatherman’s response.

Piers then made a plea to viewers, telling them: “Can somebody out there, this is how I get rid of people on this show, can somebody out there just tell me the answer and then if we get an answer which hasn’t involved him…”

Before he could finish his sentiment, Alex chimed: “Wherever you go is going to have a massive thunder cloud.”

The host hit back: “I’m done with you,” before looking down at his iPad to look up the weather report on the internet.

As the exchange came to an end with the show continuing, Piers quipped the atmosphere had become “awkward.”

Also on this morning’s programme, the presenters welcomed former England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott to the show.

Speaking about his views on Brexit, Geoffrey said: “Great Britain, the United Kingdom, we as a people, if we don’t have a deal with Europe, then we will collapse, it will be terrible’, no it won’t.

“We fought two World Wars, and we came out on top, why? Because of the spirit and the determination of the British people.

“That’s what the British people do. That water around our island has saved us from all kinds of things throughout history because we are a strong people.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.