EE upgrade – Some mobile customers set for a big bonus this week

EE has had a busy year with the network launching the UK’s very first 5G signal.

This upgrade brings customers hugely improved speeds with some tests already exceeding 300Mbps – that’s fast enough to download a full HD movie in under 3 minutes.

Now EE is launching another update with the firm beaming this new 5G technology into the Glastonbury Festival.

EE has been supplying this event with a dedicated network for a number of years but this will be the first time 5G will have been enabled at Worthy Farm.

Speaking about the news Emily Eavis at Glastonbury Festival said: “We’re extremely pleased to have EE back again, providing the best possible network for our rural site.

“And it’s great that we’re going to be one of the first places in the UK to offer 5G.”

This change means EE customers, with a 5G enabled smartphone, will get much faster speeds in the fields of Somerset than most people get from their fixed line home broadband.

Along with this speed boost, EE has also announced the launch of a new festival app.

The download, which is available on iOS and Android devices, includes live updates, interactive scheduling tool and map plus a direct link to BBC iPlayer to enjoy sets from some of the biggest acts performing at the event.

EE is also boasting that, for the first time, the free app has been designed not only for those heading to the Festival, but also for those watching from home, with content and features tailored to enhance the users’ Festival experience.

Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at BT and EE, said: “As Glastonbury’s technology partner, we’re always looking to find ways to use mobile technology to make people’s Glastonbury experience even better, whether they’re watching the music live at Worthy Farm or enjoying the Festival from home.

“With a new iPlayer scheduling feature created especially for those not on site, and improved interactive maps and live scheduling for fans at the Festival, we’ve made it even easier than ever to stay connected with the amazing line-up and experiences at Glastonbury this year.”

Ahead of Glastonbury, the latest research from EE has revealed that the average attendee will walk nearly 30 miles, phone home three times a day and snap 143 photos over the course of the weekend.

Almost two thirds said they would be lost without their phones during the festival with fans expected to send an average of 47 WhatsApp messages to friends and family.

The typical Glastonbury-goer will also watch 16 different performers and post a minimum of 12 videos on social media documenting their experiences at Worthy Farm – resulting in 2.4 million uploaded throughout the weekend.

One in 10 revellers even admit to calling home during a set to share the special moment with their parents.