A Ruthless Game Where You're Beyoncé's Assistant, Which You Play On Twitter

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty)

Twitter is hell, but even amidst the worst impulses and examples of human communication there is hope. Like this choose-your-own-adventure game made by Green Chyna which might be the best use of the social media network I’ve ever seen.

The premise is that you’re Beyoncé’s assistant for a single day, and have one goal: not get fired.

To play, you’re presented with a series of choices, like what to serve her for breakfast, with each series of selections cleverly shown as replies to the question’s main tweet.

Some of the answers are obvious, others not, and as a whole it’s a gruelling ordeal where you’re probably going to get fired at every click and learn that if nothing else maybe the job you’ve already got it just fine.

What makes this cool isn’t the design itself (this has of course been done before), but the stress of this particular setting, and the situations that have been written for it. Horror stories and sci-fi adventures are abstract! Facing the wrath of Beyoncé, when you love her enough to be her assistant, somehow feels more immediate and terrifying than anything.

To get started playing, get to this tweet.

source: gamezpot.com