Hi Kotaku!

Hi Kotaku! I’m signing off for the weekend, but wanted to give a big thanks to all the readers for taking the time to read some of my retrospectives and leaving some really cool comments. I learned a bunch and also found some new portable games I want to play!

Also, big thanks to the Kotaku editors for giving me the chance to muse on some of my favorite retrogames and also to weekend editor Zack for generously allowing me to fill in. He’ll be back next week! (to the person who asked about Zack and I mistakenly thought they were asking about Final Fantasy VII’s Zack, sorry!).

Hope to see you again in the near future! And in the meantime, if you want to hit me up for comments or suggest some new games I should play or tell me why I was wrong about any of my articles, you can find me on twitter at @TieryasXu.

source: gamezpot.com