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People have done some clever things to try to get AirPods to stay in their ears from simply twisting them forward to putting waterproof tape on them to using different types of skins that make the AirPods a little more tactile. But, there’s a $15 solution that works really well, and it has a valuable bonus feature.

I was not an early adopter of the Apple AirPods. As much as I liked the idea of getting rid of the tangled wires from the earbuds in my pocket, the AirPods were a no-go because Apple’s uniquely-shaped headphones have never fit well in my ears. They’d simply fall out. But I was impressed with the way they seamlessly paired with Apple devices and automatically start and stop when you insert and remove them from your ears. I was really bummed that I’d have to turn to another brand.

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Thankfully, my CNET colleague David Carnoy  pointed me towards a solution, which is mentioned in his list of the best AirPods accessories.

He told me to try the AhaStyle Silicone Ear Hooks, which are available on Amazon for under $15. I did the default order, which comes with two sets of tips — one large and one small — and a silicone pouch to keep them in. I found that the large tips stay in the best for me, even though I’m a small person. After a couple months of using the AhaStyle earbuds, I’ve found that not only do they solve the problem of keeping the AirPods in my ears, but they now stay in better than all of my traditional earbuds. They can handle running and other intense activity and I find that I’m not adjusting them and pushing them back into my ears as often as standard earbuds.


AhaStyle Silicone Ear Hooks

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That alone makes them worth the 15 bucks. But Carnoy pointed out that by adding the in-ear silicone tips, the AhaStyle earbuds provides noise-isolation for the AirPods to help keep out ambient sound out and can also improve the bass performance. I was a little skeptical about that, but prolonged use has proven him right. The earbuds make the sound quality more consistent, more isolating and ultimately a bit clearer. 

The only real drawback is that the AhaStyle Ear Hooks need to removed from the AirPods before they can be returned to their charging case. They slip off and on with ease, but it’s another thing to worry about carrying — and losing.

In the intervening months, Apple’s own Beats brand has since released the PowerBeats Pro, which offer a similar in-ear sealed fit. But they cost $250, making the $15 AhaStyles even more attractive if you already own AirPods.

If you’re like me and don’t have the right ears for the AirPods or you want to use AirPods for running or exercise or you want to improve the sound quality you get from Apple’s wireless earbuds, then it’s tough to go wrong with these AhaStyle Ear Hooks.

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