Danny Baker: Presenter to revive show axed by BBC as podcast

The former BBC radio presenter was sacked by the BBC over a tweet about the Duke and chess of Sussex’s baby Archie in May.

The tweeted was deleted and Danny apologised soon after saying it was “one of the worst days of my life”.

Now the 61-year-old has revealed his plans to return to the airwaves with a podcast.

He announced the news to his 510,000 followers on his official Twitter account.

Danny wrote: “My own stand alone podcast, featuring all the old firm and even the Sausage Sandwich Game, will begin in the new year.

“Emails encouraged, calls taken, subjects bizarre. A twice a week meeting, we can rule the world. #CandyManReturns.”

He later added: “Well that’s me for now. I only nip in for half hour a night now. Learned my lesson. Good night. #GoodEveningEverybody.”

Many of this fans rushed to comment with one replying: “YES YES YES!!! You have just made the world a happier sillier place. Count me in. A shame if it means no more #BehindClosedDoors but hey ho, snail on the thorn etc..”

Another added: “So pleased to hear this Danny! Was only listening to a saved podcast of your show from earlier this year this afternoon thinking ‘I wish he could bring this simply brilliant show back as a podcast’ – YES!!!!”

“Any music Danny? I used to record your BBC shows, you’d play music I wouldn’t hear anywhere else and interact with the tracks,” a third asked.

Danny’s former show on BBC Radio 5 Live ran from 2008 until he was sacked last month.

The broadcaster was dismissed after he shared a controversial tweet showing a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee which was dressed in clothes.

He captioned the image: “Royal baby leaves hospital.”

Following public backlash and accusations of racism, he deleted the tweet and apologised.

In a statement, he said: “Following one of the worst days of my life I just want to formally apologise for the outages I caused and explain how I got myself into this mess.

“I chose the wrong photo to illustrate a joke. Disastrously so.

“In attempting to lampoon privilege and the news cycle I went to a file of goofy pictures and saw the chimp dressed as a Lord and thought, ‘That;s the one!’

“Had I kept searching I might have chosen General Tom Thumb or even a baby in a crown. But I didn’t. God knows I wish had.”

The BBC cancelled Danny’s show with a spokesperson for 5 Live saying the tweet went against “the valued we as a station aim to embody”.

source: express.co.uk