Dan Walker: 'Ridiculous' Breakfast host engages in Twitter spat over BBC bias claims

Mr Johnson did not attend Sunday’s live debate on Channel 4, something which Dan quizzed James Cleverly, who supported the former Foreign Secretary. After quizzing Mr Cleverly over Mr Johnson’s lack of appearance during the debate, Dan received a tweet criticising him for his apparent bias. Attacking the BBC Breakfast host, one user wrote: “You really showed your politics this morning and I could tell through your performance that for once the Left Wing BBC got wrong-footed in letting you rant about Boris today.

“It’s not about you being able to make Boris say the wrong thing.

“It’s not about You at all!”

The user’s comments were in direct reference to Dan insisting that Mr Johnson had failed to attend the Channel 4 debate due to his embarrassment over his previous comments.

Dan said in the interview at the time: “He’s not taking part in these interviews and these debates because he’s worried about the awkward questions and he’s worried about embarrassing himself when you ask about his record about being sacked not once, but twice for lying.”

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“Have a lovely Monday.”

Despite Dan’s comment, the user still insisted that he had not come across as impartial.

The accusations of a bias intensified following Tuesday night’s debate on the BBC.

Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith accused the BBC of “bias” over the Tory leadership debate.

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He also spoke to The Daily Telegraph where he admitted that some Tory MPs had spoken of the discrimination against Mr Johnson at the hustings.

He concluded: “Many of us detected a strong level of bias in the general presentation aimed at Boris Johnson.

“This smacks of a deliberate attempt to give the Labour Party an opportunity to damage the leadership process.”

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source: express.co.uk