EastEnders spoilers: Viewers fear they’ve missed episode after major plot blunder

Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) found himself in danger on tonight’s EastEnders  after waking up and discovering he had been kidnapped on the BBC soap. 

However the opening scene which showed the mechanic tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse led viewers to wonder if they had accidentally missed an episode of the soap. 

The episode preceding tonight’s instalment gave no indication that Keanu would be taken causing viewers to try and figure out what had happened. 

Puzzled fans took to Twitter to share their concerns at potentially missing an episode of the BBC soap. 

One said: “Had to go back and check my deleted episodes in case I’d missed one… #EastEnders Keanu kidnapped… WTF?”  

Another added: “Have I missed an episode? Who’s kidnapped Keanu? #EastEnders.” 

“Can someone explain what the hell is going on in @bbceastenders tonight? Have I missed an episode? How did it go from Sharon telling Phil something to Keanu tied to a chair? #eastenders,” tweeted a third. 

“Think I’ve missed an episode of #EastEnders some how,” remarked another. 

“Am I crazy or does anyone else feel like they’ve missed an episode of #EastEnders ??????????” a fifth asked. 

A sixth questioned: “Did I miss an episode of #eastenders?? When did keanu get kidnapped? @bbceastenders.” 

Terrified Keanu believed he had been kidnapped by Phil Mitchell (Steve Mcfadden) after discovering his affair with wife Sharon (Letitia Dean). 

Calling out, he said: “Phil. I just want to be with Louise. I just want to be with Louise and the baby. Phil I’m sorry.” 

However viewers discovered that Sharon and Keanu’s mum Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) had taken him instead. 

Explaining what fans had missed, Karen revealed: “I can’t believe you’ve talked me into doing this. 

“Drugging my own son. Nicking Mich’s van to get him here.” 

Sharon explained she wanted Keanu to understand the consequences of him revealing the truth to Phil. 

Meanwhile Bianca Jacokson’s (Patsy Palmer) return to the BBC soap could trigger another comeback. 

Bianca and partner Terry Spraggan (Terry Alderton) left the Square for Milton Keynes in 2014. 

Terry’s former flame Nikki (Rachel Wilde) caused trouble for the pair and now it looks like she could return too. 

EastEnders star Rachel tweeted: “May I should get back to the square and cause some trouble #EastEnders #BBC.” 

EastEnders continues Friday at 8pm on BBC One. 

source: express.co.uk