Samsung 4K TV warning – The crucial hidden tip every owner needs to know

We all check our PCs for regular security threats but have you ever done the same for your TV?

With so many televisions now connected to the web, it appears just as easy for hackers to target these popular devices as your trusted laptop.

In a tweet, that’s since been removed, Samsung reminded consumers about this important check with the Korean firm posting a message advising how to scan your TV for threats.

In the tweet Samsung said: “Scanning your computer for malware viruses is important to keep it running smoothly. This also is true for your QLED TV if it’s connected to Wi-Fi!

“Prevent malicious software attacks on your TV by scanning for viruses on your TV every few weeks. Here’s how.”

Along with this message, there’s was a full video showing a step-by-step guide on how to complete the virus check.

If you own a connected Samsung TV then it’s vital to keep your set updated and this is performed by heading to your settings, then going to General.

From this menu, you should then see the System Manager option and Smart Security.

Once opened you can simply press the ‘Scan’ button to check for any updates from Samsung.

These will be automatically installed on your television and your set should then be secure.

Samsung recently gave some of its smart TV customers a major boost with the launch of the Apple TV app.

Owners of Samsung’s latest TVs are in for a treat with Apple’s new TV app now fully compatible with these televisions.

The latest release from the US technology firm allows users to access a swathe of content from one place.

It also brings any purchases you may have made on the iTunes service straight to your television without needing another streaming device such as an Apple TV.

What makes this even better is there’s now a massive amount of content available from Apple in full 4K HDR quality with any old purchases instantly upgraded to this better resolution for free.

As part of the TV app, you’ll also find a dedicated Kids section which highlights editorially handpicked shows and movies for children of all ages.

Plus there’s also access to the StarzPlay and Smithsonian online services with Apple confirming more options will be coming over time.

One final reason for downloading this app on your TV is what’s coming later this year.

Apple TV+ is expected to begin broadcasting original and exclusive content in the autumn.