Michael Schumacher: Ferrari chief reveals similarities with son Mick

Michael’s determined attitude to be the best, which saw him win a record seven world tittles, has rubbed-off on Mick, 20, during his short time behind the wheel in the famous red colours. Mick lived out his boyhood dream and made his F1 debut at the Bahrain test in April this year, and the similarities with his father was there for all to see. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto who helped to mastermind Michael’s five World Championships with Ferrari, said although father-and-son are of contrasting appearances their attention to detail remained the same.

Mr Binotto said: “The very first time I saw him after many years in Maranello, when he came back, if you looked at him, I don’t think he looks very similar to Michael.

“But the way he’s behaving is very similar and the way he approaches the exercise and the way he’s interested in the car, discussing it with the technicians.

“So even in Maranello, you are looking after him, but he’s always in the workshop looking at the car, speaking with the mechanics, and I think that’s very similar to his father.”

Mick who won the European F3 title last year, completed 56 laps around the challenging Bahrain International Circuit.

The Ferrari chief was full of praise for the young racing star performance around the track.

He said: “I think what was certainly positive was the way he approached the exercise.

“The approach to the day of testing, never pushing to the limit, trying to improve run-by-run, learning the car, learning the team, and I think in that respect he did a very good job.

“He was very well focussed, concentrated and tried to do the proper job and learn. I think that’s the most you may expect on such a day.”

On driving for the world famous Italian team, Mick said it “felt like home in the garage” and thanked Ferrari for the “incredible opportunity”.

Mick returns to action in F2 next weekend in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The reappearance of a Schumacher in a Ferrari raised more questions about the health of Michael following a tragic skiing incident in the french Alps on December 29, 2013.

The Schumacher family has always vowed to keep the health of the racing legend private.

In January they released a rare statement and said “we are doing everything humanly possible to help him”.

The statement said: “You can be sure that he is in the very best of hands and that we are doing everything humanly possible to help him.

“Please understand we are following Michael’s wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as health, in privacy.

“At the same time we say thank you very much for your friendship and wish you a healthy and happy 2019.”

source: express.co.uk