Angelina and Brad fight to the finish for their £500m fortune

Hollywood’s former golden couple cannot agree on how to divide an empire that spans three continents and at least nine properties, as well as vast private collections of fine art, jewellery, couture clothing, cars and vintage motorbikes. Some legal and financial experts believe it could take years for the A-list stars to reach a deal over their enormous matrimonial assets, which include Château Miraval in France, where they married in August 2014. The couple bought the 1,000-acre wine estate in Provence two years before they married.

American businessman Tom Bove sold it to them for $60million – around £47.5 million – but the couple pumped in millions more to turn it into an award-winning winery renowned for its Côtes de Provence Rosé Miraval.

Today, it is estimated to be worth more than double their purchase price and one of Brad’s closest confidantes confirmed: “He’s anxious to sell, but she wants to keep it as a continuing revenue source.

“And that really is just the tip of the iceberg – they can’t agree on anything other than a few minor points and are completely at loggerheads over the major issues.

“It has become a financial minefield for lawyers and accountants on both sides that will take ages to figure out.”

Pitt, 55, and his former Mr & Mrs Smith co-star Jolie, 44, have already reached a shared custody agreement over their six children, aged from 10 to 17.

And in April, an LA Superior Court judge granted them a bifurcation arrangement, which officially ended their marriage but gives them both the opportunity to marry new partners while hashing out a final fiscal deal.

Beverly Hills divorce lawyer Jenna Spatz said: “If Brad or Angelina want to keep certain properties, they will have to ‘buy out’ the other person at what both parties agree is a fair price.

“Even where a prenuptial agreement is in place, as in this case, if both sides can’t reach a deal on valuation, then negotiations do tend to become drawn-out and hostile.

“When you are dealing with multiple properties or possessions, the whole scenario is magnified. Division of assets and money is never easy – and the wealthier a couple is, the harder it can get.”

As well as the many exotic homes they shared, celebrity estate attorney Raoul Felder said Pitt and Jolie, whose estimated net worths are $420million (£333million) and $280million (£222million) respectively, must also decide how to divide their incomes.

He added: “Most actors usually only receive flat salaries, but A-list stars can also command hefty royalties in the form of percentages of a film’s profits.

“This can pay dividends for decades from things like DVD sales and TV streaming deals.

“These income sources are considered a form of ‘property’, so if a movie was made while they were together, it will be considered a ‘marital property’ which, in California, means a 50/50 split.”

Pitt, whose latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hits UK and Irish cinemas in August, also owns his own production company, Plan B, and his “extremely significant” income from that will also be taken into account.